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Preschool and Private PreK 
Research-based curriculum, Individualized learning for continuous growth

Routines Rooted in Relationships

Building Friendships in Curious Discovery

At Koti Academy, we believe every child has unique strengths and is innately curious. Teachers follow a daily routine that is packed with hands-on learning experiences both indoors and outside. Your child will participate in a combination of large group, small group and individual activities that will build a social skills as well as self-confidence needed for long-term school success.


Experiential Learning

Your child will build skills as they make art, music, read books, build with blocks, puzzles and loose parts. Our curriculum focuses on increasing problem-solving skills while exploring diverse topics.


Experience Preschool Curriculum ensures that your child will gain 35 foundational skills across 7 developmental domains.

Whole Child Development

Social Emotional


Language and Literacy



Social Studies

Creative Development

New Themes
every Month
to Investigate

Every month features a new thematic study. Throughout the year, your child will explore themes such as the Ocean, Gardens, Space, Dinosaurs and other topics connected to our diverse and beautiful world.


Individualized Learning
for your Child's
Continued Growth

Observation, Assessment and Documentation

As your child develops, the curriculum helps the teacher individualize the experience and increase the challenge so that your child is constantly learning at their unique pace.


Your teacher will follow your child's progress with an embedded assessment tool. Your child will have a personalized portfolio filled with samples of your child's work and teacher observations. 

Stay Connected,
Learn Together

Family Partnership and Communication

We use a communication app to share daily photos and easy messaging so that you don't miss any special moments.


Each month you will also receive a newsletter describing the topics and themes we are exploring with your child. 

Our doors are always open and we invite you share in the wonder and discovery at here at Koti Academy.

Preschool / PreK: Programs

Confidence, Curiosity, Compassion

Ready for more than Kindergarten 

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