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Quality Childcare for Toddlers

1 & 2 Year Olds

Busy as a Bee

Toddlers love to move, touch everything and never stop 'til they drop. We love this sweet energy at Koti Academy.

Koti teachers implement a routine that is flexible to the needs of a toddler but predictable enough to support the emotional needs of toddler day. 

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35 Skills, 7 Domains of Development

As part of the Experience Toddler Curriculum, children engage in playful activities that stimulate their brain and support their development of 35 foundational skills.

Silly Sounds & Sensory Play

Toddlers at Koti Academy investigate their surroundings through a combination of storytelling, music, dance, and daily art projects. They learn to express their feelings and ideas.

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Toddlers: Programs

New Themes, New Growth Every Month

Learning is made visible in your child's art each day. 

Teachers save work samples and track learning progress monthly in your child's Assessment Journal and Personalized Portfolio.

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