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Beyond Childcare, a full hands-on education for Toddlers

1 & 2 Year Olds

Busy as a Bee

Toddlers love to move, touch everything and never stop 'til they drop. We love this sweet energy at Koti Academy.

Koti teachers implement a routine that is flexible to the needs of a toddler but predictable enough to support the emotional needs of toddler day. 

Kids in Slide

35 Skills, 7 Domains of Development

As part of the Experience Toddler Curriculum, children engage in playful activities that stimulate their brain and support their development of 35 foundational skills.

Silly Sounds & Sensory Play

Toddlers at Koti Academy investigate their surroundings through a combination of storytelling, music, dance, and daily art projects. They learn to express their feelings and ideas.

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Toddlers: Programs

New Themes Monthly

Growing big ideas through meaningful play

Each month your children will explore a new theme through stories, art, nature, dramatic play, music and sensory discovery. 


2023 - 24 Monthly Themes

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