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Quality Childcare for Infants

Ages 6 weeks to 18 months

Designed for Healthy Development

Our infant rooms have passed the highest health and safety standards according to Texas Licensing standards.

 Your baby's well-being is our priority and all infant educators go through specialized training including: 

  • infant brain development

  • infant safe sleep procedures

  • infant health safety supervision

  • Food allergies and Safe Sanitizing

Play materials and board books are developmentally appropriate, safe, and available to babies to freely explore.  

Each baby has a dedicated crib and labeled bins to hold their diapers, wipes and preferred food. 

Red Head Baby

Individualized Play for Continued Growth

Infants enjoy a balance of playful experiences that support language, motor and cognitive development.

Your child's teacher engages each child one-on-one throughout the day to support emotional connections as well as creates playful group experiences with music, storytelling, puppets and bubbles.

Beyond Just Diapers and Feeding: More Than Daycare

You receive a daily journal that tracks not only each diaper change and feeding, it also describes the activities your child engaged with and the skills they gained. 

The Journal is also a daily communication tool between you and teacher to keep notes about health, your baby's mood, and supplies needed.

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Inspire Learning with New Themes Every Month

Babies are born curious and ready to explore. New themes each month, ensure that your child will investigate the diverse textures, sights and smells of our big and beautiful world. Your child's teacher will use the curriculum songs, books and play tools to introduce new words and ideas through sensory play.

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