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Enjoy a day of Sensory Discovery and Play

6 weeks - 12 months

Koti Academy believes children are born learning and full of curiosity. Laying a strong foundation for our youngest learners begins with building bonds through trust and responsive care. Our team is dedicated to embracing each child in love, security, and joy as they share many creative experiences to explore, grow, and develop.


Each day is filled with discovery as we support your child to reach developmental milestones. 

The Koti Infant Program includes:

  • Experience Curriculum for Infants

  • Brightwheel Family App where parents can view their child’s activity and communicate with teachers

  • Individualized Daily Schedules for feeding, napping and play

  • Stroller rides, tummy time, and active play to support strength and muscle development

  • Music, rhymes, storytime and sensory experiences to support cognitive and language development.

  • Rocking with snuggles and cuddles

  • Holistic approach that supports children in all areas of development

Goals and Objectives

Nurturing Whole Child Development

Social-Emotional Development
Awareness of self and others

Physical Development
Moving big and small muscles
Health and nutrition

Cognitive Development
Learning about the World 
Discovering the Senses

Language Development
Learning how to express and communicate 

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